Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yeah, toughen up!

As a native Upstate New Yorker who has lived in DC since the summer of '88, I too think that DC and the DC Metro Area are too quick to shut down school over a little snow. Today, with the ice, maybe it was warranted.

The President dissed his new hometown today, I would imagine those of us who are transplants from snowier climes, laughed at the comments.

If the First Family starts watching the local news, they'll be even more amused by the mad rush to buy milk, bread and toilet paper when there is just the threat of inclimate weather. They'll love the reporters with their rulers in the snow...just trying to show accumulation.

Most of the Masthead of P4500 went to school in blizzards, uphill both ways!

Did I just agree with Mr. Obama? Yes, but that does not mean I'm part of the Obamalution.



Dave S. said...

For some reason Arlington schools are two hours late this morning despite what appear to be clean and dry streets. I found this out as the lack of kids or bus at the bus stop led me to call another parent, who confirmed the delay.

I am no fan of ice and understand why schools closed yesterday - they have built snow days into the schedule and a certain amount of discretion is laudable - but this is ridiculous.

EMM, you keep denying your Obamalutionary tendencies. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

J. said...

Two-hour delay here, too, and A. and I nearly wound up skating on our bums down our walkway. Am now about to ice dance with my Mini down our rink of a driveway, to deliver my daughter's clarinet to her at school, which we forgot in our post Snow Day confusion. Beh.

Btw, when I was growing up in NYC, we NEVER EVER had snow days, and I recall walking a mile to school and back on several occasions.

Kids and DC folks, a bunch of cream puffs.

EMM said...

I WAS going to add that Obama would have been aware of the DC area weather wimpiness, IF he had spent more time in DC as a Senator. BUT, I'm trying to be nice and to not sound bitter like the Bush bashers did.

J - the DC "area" weather wimpiness coverage includes West Virginia. We in the District Proper do not formally recognize this inclusion. The sprawl has taken over!!! Gah!!!

I'm off today for non-weather related reasons. Yippee!