Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hitting Below the Grain Belt

JWT supplies the post title AND the text and link below. Get that man a Blogger account!
Yes, my 401(k) is in shreds, and the 529s are shells of their former selves, but I didn't know things were bad until I read this.
On the other hand the malt glut may make home-brewing more economically viable. Dust off the spiral wort chiller, CRH, the world calls!


Anonymous said...

THAT"S IT! I'm now HORDING my kegs!

J. said...

Anything that will result in fewer stupid Coors Light commercials is okay by me.

Cheer up, people! Did you not see where that report was filed from? FRANCE! And what the heck do the French know about beer? Sacre bleu!

Let's hop to it and make sure we all do our part to support the American beer industry and the many, many fine micro- and larger brews that deserve our patronage. And if all else fails, go after Powa's hoard.