Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cheeseburger in Intensive Care

Why not enjoy the crack of the bat, the chatter of the outfield and the adjusting of the cup while downing an obscenely large burger? Why not indeed.

The article notes helpfully that the megaburger can be shared among friends with the judicious use of a pizza cutter.

Play ball and call 911.


EMM said...

Compared to major league prices, the mega-burger is a bargain!

I look at this as something our dear friends BB aka "H" and JWC would see as a challenge. They would compete to see not only who could eat one the fastest, but down a 2nd for bragging rights.


J. said...

And you wonder why the people of Michigan are in so much trouble. Too many years spent making inefficient burgers no one can eat.