Tuesday, April 07, 2009

He Trod The World 'Neath His Birkenstocked Feet

Obama inspires comic books. Lots of them. Other Presidents have appeared in them but this is something else. Also, Sarah Palin as Red Sonja is fantastic. The cover has him battling a Anne Coulter warrioress. Why is Obama always fighting women? Is he some sort of political Chris Brown?


J. said...

That is effing brilliant. Thank you, JJV. I am still smiling. Though who is that chick clinging to Barack? That sure ain't Michelle. Though if she ever saw Barry the Barbarian getting it on with another broad, Chainknee of the Elephant Kingdom would be the least of his worries.

Btw, what makes Palin so hot? Just curious.

Dave S. said...

The only thing missing from the Palin pic is the word balloon: "Thou betcha!"

Re Palin's hotness (Wonkette famously referred to her as the GILF), first of all she's an attractive woman regardless, and second she's working the Sexy Librarian archetype with the hair up and the glasses.

J. said...

"Thou betcha." BRILLIANT.

Hey, I wear my hair up and wear glasses and have often been told I could pass for a librarian, and no one's drawn any sexy cartoons of me. That I know of.

EMM said...

I worked in a Library (for over 4 years)...a real one, with stacks...back in the day with the Dewey Decimal System, with a CARD FILE, no internet...oooh, I feel the need to file, or straighten my books.

A number of us, in the Art Division, worked at the Rochester Public Library after HS, in our Catholic School Uniforms.

Yeah, libraries/librarians are kind of hot. Smart and sexy...you can't ask for more.

Dave S. said...

"Catholic Schoolgirl Librarian" is today's Fetish Daily Double!