Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Double (Gloucester) Compound Fracture

Ah, springtime in England, when a young man's fancy turns to the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake. To be fair, there are women's races as well, though perhaps less infused with the classic British male's complete disregard for personal safety and common sense, traits which kept winning more or less the same Empire and maintaining the same standard of dental hygiene generation after generation.

Among the picture highlights are the midair sunglasses (not to mention cheese rounds) and the guy in what must, for his minimal own sake, be in nothing but a flesh-colored thong.

Link and primary title inspiration courtesy of longtime reader and contributor JWT.


EMM said...

Hysterical. Where's Waldo? Look through all the pics to find the nearly naked guy (caption stated he was in a thong) and Borat!

Say Cheese!

J. said...

Is it any wonder they lost an empire?

Though rolling for cheese is more entertaining than bowling for dollars, at least to the spectators.

(Btw, you would never see the French rolling cheese.)