Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Prayer For the Supreme Court

Now I was never copacetic with the appointment of an unknown, unmarried, New England Episcopalian to the Supreme Court. Further, because of the legal world in which I reside I know it is almost impossible for a lefty to move right and simply do not believe Obama or any Leftist can make a mistake in picking a Supreme Court nominee, I still heartely endorse this Crittenden prayer.

For those of you who will tell me Breyer has moved right I have three responses 1) Clinton was looking for a real moderate; 2) on every social issue but the Ten Commandents (where he is painfully confused) he is far left; 3) where he disagrees with the liberals it is only to increase the power of the federal government so he just emphasizes a different part of Leftism and always has.

1 comment:

J. said...

So I guess that means you wouldn't approve of Bill Clinton being nominated.

Though I've got to admit, a little piece of me would love to see Judge Judy nominated.

So, JJV, being REALISTIC, who do you think the President should nominate?