Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dance for Our Amusement! Except for You Two.

Knowing that the men had already performed on Monday's Dancing with the Stars allowed me to tweak my self-imposed ban on not watching until Tom DeLay got booted, and I tuned in last night to check out the girls. Their dancing. Yes.

The judges seemed fairly harsh in the early going, but frankly there wasn't much to impress. The High Drama of the evening came when Len went after Mya and her partner for not properly doing the Viennese Waltz, at which point the other judges went after Len. After that the quality seemed to go up a bit, with Kelly Osbourne being the surprise of the evening to everyone including herself.

Derek Hough clearly has attended the Tom Bergeron School of Reacting Appropriately to Having a Great Job, while Laura and I both admired his partner's pants.

And the first losers are:

Macy Gray and some guy. You heard it here.


J. said...

Thank you, Arlington Chapter of the Tom Bergeron Fan Club.

MLR said...

"Knowing that the MEN had already performed . . . I tuned in last night to check out the GIRLS." (Emphasis mine.) Dave, you went to Hamilton! Men are to women as boys are to girls.

Anonymous said...

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