Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have to disagree with David Horowitz here. "Red Dawn" is not forgotten. Nor will Swayze be. The amazing thing is I don't own that movie. Ah, 1984, bliss it was to that Red Dawn to be alive, but to be anti-communist was very heaven.


Dave S. said...

Red Dawn is the only movie I ever saw at a drive-in. I must admit that for a pile of turgid crap, it is an entertaining pile of turgid crap. Put me down as amazed that you don't own that.

How come there was no autopsy? Because nobody sends Swayze to the coroner! Thank you and good night.

EMM said...

Who could forget Red Dawn? Or the Outsiders?

Patrick Swayze was a likable guy and appeared not to take himself too seriously. It was nice to see a "hollywood" guy married for over 30 years.


J. said...

I never thought I'd see the day that p4500 AND Balloon Juice ran the exact same blog title at the same time. Freaky. Behold the power of Patrick Swayze! (Btw, never saw Red Dawn or the Outsiders or Dirty Dancing.)

Dave S. said...

The blog title was an easy call both for the ironic and unironic; had I posted it I would have called it the exact same thing.

However, it is always sad to see culture commissars disagreeing.

JWE, not JWC or JWT said...

I think the remake of Red Dawn should cameo Jennifer Grey as a Uzi toting soccer mom with a bone to pick.

Ooops, I forgot this was a tribute to Mr. Swayze. I saw most of his movies but nothing beats he and the late Chris Farley in their SNL Chippendale's skit.