Thursday, October 22, 2009

Appalled O' Creed

Slate paraphrases Gordon Gekko, declaring that Creed is Good. No, I don't buy it either. (No no no, not that Creed - he's awesome in his own way.) It doesn't help that the author draws parallels with Journey's Don't Stop Believin', a truly awful song that resonates with a certain demographic. It's true, I just checked with a mirror.

What better time to revisit Creed than with this Literal Video:

Bonus track!


EMM said...

Who me? I'd NEVER stop believin'.

Creed from the Office is not afraid of heights...and he's not even wearing leather pants!

Total of the best 80's songs EVER.

J. said...

Thanks for the ear worms. Not.:-(

Potsie said...

Don't stop believin' I'm takin' a cave bath with Fonzie.