Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cakes, Ailing

It's a cake!

It's a wreck!

It's... CakeWrecks!

This sort of goes back to the title of this wonderful birthday post, which in turn refers to the inscription on a cake some of my college friends got for me when I turned 21. (It would be churlish of me to note that the inscription actually read "Happy Bar Mitzvah Irving" so I consider myself bechurled.) Apparently they picked it up at the Unclaimed Cakes counter at a local bakery.

It also reminds me that most of the masthead may recall that, in the midst of our very fun wedding reception, Laura and I almost forgot to cut our cake. In turn, Laura was the one who forwarded this link to me.

JJV may now lead the masthead in a rendition of "Circle of Life." Thank you.


EMM said...

Beware of the cake table! The "baby" cakes were horrific!

You can stop the madness and clear your mind of by just baking (from a mix) a simple, delicious cake...with sprinkles...or funfetti if you're feeling dangerous.

Dave S. said...

Better yet, tomorrow night is Apple Pie Throwdown: Vermont v. New York!

J. said...

So that's where "Happy Bar Mitzvah Irving" came from! Oooooh.

CakeWrecks is a great blog -- and the NYT article was like a "best of."

So when is a publisher going to contact us about turning our blogs into books, Dave? ; )

Send pie. Then again, if you couldn't even send a simple text from the Merritt...