Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Am Already a Winner

Earlier this month I paid a visit to my friend and fellow blogger J's site and saw that she was fluffing up her blog hits by flacking for a pillow manufacturer. But not just any pillow! Here's just some of what the pillow has to offer:
# Cream Velour covering
# Designed for side and back sleepers
# 100% renewable environmentally and eco-friendly material
# Naturally grown soybeans/corn are converted into a soft fluffy ultra thin fibrous fill containing 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body
# Properties in soybean fiber activate growth of collagen protein in one’s skin, while corn properties provide high resilience
# Naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to mildew, bacteria and dust mites
# Moisture and heat resistant with superior ventilation
# Using Azlon*/Soybean “bio-based” polyols provides important benefits to farmers and the environment
# Designed with two covers for longevity and protection against microbes / dust mites; Inner Cover is hand sewn 100% natural cotton, 300 TC and Outer Cover is hand sewn luxurious Azlon* fiber (65% soybeans/35% cotton) with a cashmere-like feel that is “naturally allergenresistant” — removable and washable for easy care
# Firm comfort level

*[This asterisk does not go anywhere - perhaps its note got so comfy it drifted off the page.]
In return for linking to the vendor, said vendor would award a free pillow to the commenter submitting the best self-justification for needing a new pillow. Drawing on extremely recent and actual experience, my entry, in its entirety, was:
Our daughter threw up on hers last night. How about it?
To my more or less shock and surprise, I won, and just today, this turned up:

But where's the pillow, is my question. (Ba-dump. Ow! Blogging from the bedroom has its own unique challenges.)

If I could somehow convert this kind of thing into an actual career my annual base salary would be somewhere north of $7.5 million.

On the other hand, how I am going to explain the amino acid stains is beyond me.


J. said...

Thanks for sucking up to my blog, Dave.

However, I am confused. Did you get the pillow or did CSN send you something else instead? Do I need to follow up with CSN?

Dave S. said...

That's the packaging for the pillow. haven't actually taken it out yet, but I'll give a full report on comfort etc.

EMM said...

Congrats Dave S.!!! Will your lovely daughter get the pillow as a replacement?

Dave S. said...

Bryan actually has expressed interest ("I want the pillow Daddy won"); we shall see...

Dave S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. said...

Pillow fight!

JWT said...

Congratulations, Dave. I've long known the magical properties of soybeans. They put me through college and law school, after all. If you could ditill them into a potable form, they would be a God-given miracle.

I didn't want to suck up to the mattress people, but I'll offer now that my wife and I found the best mattress we've ever experienced at the Greenbrier. I don't recall the brand or model, but they are available in a residential version. You can get enough information to go on from the hotel's gift shop, and we're going to get one when we send packing the slab that I brought into our union.

This comment was not sponsored in any way by the Greenbrier, although we happily subsidized them to get the information.