Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ode to an old boyfriend...

My high school boyfriend's birthday is today*. BVD turns 44...which means I'LL BE 44 IN SIX MONTHS - EEEK!!!

BVD was a nice, smart, easy going jock. We were so cute and non-dramatic, we were voted class couple - AAAAWWW!

To this day, I still quote him. One day, after having done something stupid**, I just stared at him until he said in his low key manner, "you know EMM, have a dick be a dick". At the time, I found it to be funny and profound (he also apologized), and I forgave him.

Oddly enough, the boyfriends that followed never found the "HADBAD" analogy funny, especially when directed at them. I could go into my theory as to why, but that would be a different post. Women however, tend to agree.

When Tigergate broke, "HADBAD" was the first thing I thought.

Happy B-Day BVD.

* remember, as in we dated so long as to not forget, not that I'm baking a cake and crying over old photos - EEEWWW!

** "stupid" as in 17 year old behavior, not cheating.


J. said...

(Shaking head.) EMM, EMM, EMM. 1) A lady never reveals her age. 2) Never wish an ex a happy birthday on a blog.

Speaking of Tiger, did you see the ho on TODAY this morning? OMG. A girlfriend actually called me at 7:35 to tell me to watch. WTF was he thinking?! HADBAD indeed.

EMM said...

Ugh, just watched the clip. Skank-o-rama!!! I love that she's sad and broken hearted...did she really think getting involved with a married man would bring nothing but joy? Idiot.

I'm OK w/ my age ;), plus everyone who reads P4500 knows it already.

BVD would be the only BF who deserved a shout out...since more than 20 years have passed since we dated, I figred it would be OK.

jjv said...

A guy I know upon seeing Tiger's harem said "You know, all his girlfriends are issued complete with stripper pole."