Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Why I Attend Only the Dinner Parties of Close Friends

What does a devoted anti-consumerist do on the average weekend when the G8 countries aren't getting together or there isn't an Olympic bid to thwart? Why, she goes food shopping just like everyone else, of course. For the record, my Thanksgiving preparation bore no relation to this practice, and I trust that all the guests who brought a dish can boast the same. Please, Lord, can I trust?


Dave S. said...

Anyone who has peeled rutabagas would not pause long upon spotting a half-dozen or so slightly pre-mashed rutes behind Harris Teeter. Not that I am implying anything.

Unless these folks have made every effort to donate the dumpstered food (and food banks, shelters etc may have reasonable restrictions on this) then they are learning and teaching the wrong lesson.

EMM said...

Ugh. As a society, we don't want to enter a grocery store and see empty shelves. However, maybe it would make better sense to put out less perishible items and if a consumer can't find parsnips, they buy rutabagas instead.

Rest assured the lovely loaves I brought on Turkey Day came fresh from the Eastern Market. The 15 lbs of spuds and the dairy products used to make them special came from a properly stocked/held safeway.

jwe said...

If they put golf clubs or drums in dumpsters then I'm going in.

Anonymous said...

I only eat the tops of the muffins!

Dave P.