Monday, February 15, 2010

Extended (though not 12-inch dancemix) Tribute

For me EMM's most recent post proceeds from a false assumption, as "My Sharona" is one of my most welcomed earworms.

This is also a great song:

This, meanwhile, is an iconic cover of a great song. Contrary to appearances, as noted here the audio for this was recorded in a restroom to take advantage of the acoustic triumph of ceramic tile.

RIP Doug. Those wishing for the death of Weird Al Yankovic or indeed any other person should think twice.


EMM said...

"Good Girls Don't", along with Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" were the anthems of all the "good" girls in Catholic School.

Dave S. said...

Yet the two songs are diametrically opposed, in that one is a great song while the other is by Billy Joel.

J. said...
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