Thursday, April 22, 2010

Antigravity Slide

Can't say I've ever seen this before outside of a football game:

One of the commenters here asserts that the leap is illegal, but as Bryan is the one with baseball talent in the family I cannot say. Perhaps JWT can switch gears from hockey to weigh in on this.


J. said...

Only a college baseball player could successfully execute a forward dive roll. Most professionally players are so bulked up on steroids (or paunchy) that they would never even attempt it. I see a bright future for Brian Kownacki... on next season's "Dancing with the Stars."

P.S. I miss JWT's Happy Hour posts. :-(

Anonymous said...

J. - I'm trying to remedy that, at least for another 3 months.

Dave P.

JWT said...

I haven't read all the scores of comments in detail, but I assume the argument against the runner is that he left the base path on the way to home plate. He was clearly on a direct line between 3d and home, so the argument would be that he vertically left the base path. A runner can slide under a tag, step over a tag, or reach around a tag. This catcher was perfectly positioned to tag the runner and easily could have done so had he simply reached up to apply the ball to any part of the runner. He didn't do it, so as one of the late commenters said, the dude was safe.

Also, I know that J doesn't get Dave P's great happy hour e-mails, and I must say it's been great seeing Dave and his run away beard these past few weeks. If he must return to duty abroad, I only ask that it be limited to 8 weeks.

Powaqqatsi said...

The appointed time is 6:30pm. I'll be at the bar.

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