Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twin Peaks at 20

I was reminded at the end of last week that Twin Peaks premiered twenty years ago this weekend. Early in the pilot, the following dialogue occurs as Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman follow another car:
Truman: Think they spotted us?
Cooper (almost immediately): Give me a donut.
At that point I distinctly recall settling into my seat with no intention to move for the rest of the show.

Shortly thereafter a group of friends and I would gather to watch, eat pie and donuts, and drink, what else but:

The show quickly became known for its bizarre and occasionally menacing setpieces, among them this sequence which has just about everything:

Not to mention the owls and Bob, which frankly freaked me the hell right out. That one scene in the otherwise-subpar second season (we may not even have been drinking coffee at that point) made us scream and lose a fair amount of sleep.

Kudos to David Lynch and Mark Frost for coming up with that, and perhaps even more to ABC for running it in primetime.

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Powaqqatsi said...

After Blue Velvet, I was a David lynch fan and was looking forward to this series. The first season, especially, did not disappoint. Loved the music, the set and the characters. It even allowed Russ Tamblyn to recapture his cool Jet aura.