Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amazon, Coming Soon to Amazon

From the entertainment world comes word of a project designed to push the borders of acceptable far beyond what JJV would already consider proper, i.e., it would make Eisenhower sad. Even before its release it is being attacked as unspeakably foul and of no redeeming social value.

I refer, of course, to the announcement that Tyra Banks is writing a fantasy romance novel. Pluse there's some movie about a human centipede coming out, but really, which one has you packing for the Apolcalypse faster?

I thought so.

H/t to my wonderful wife Laura who showed me those stories more or less simultaneously, demonstrating in the process one of the chief drawbacks of multi-tab web browsing.

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J. said...

Wait, Tyra Banks is a human centipede, who devours her lovers after making love to them? Oh wait, I think that was "Species."