Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dogs and Performance Artists Living Together, Total Chaos

Eighties aficionados worldwide, not to mention their dogs, envy their Australian counterparts after Laurie Anderson performs a concert for their dogs.

I'm a big fan of Laurie Anderson and saw her twice, once in Boston in the late '80s (have to dig up the ticket stub for the exact date - yeah, I'm one of those people, but not one of these people*) and once in DC in 1990. I always thought that she and recent blogroll addition David Byrne should get married and produce supergenius children, but Lou Reed also fits the dynastic marriage bill. (Little late for breeding, though.)

Wonder if she did this:

*Bibliomania, incidentally, is BS. I have several books on this very topic.

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J. said...

I nearly posted this on J-TWO-O! Funny. Here's a clip from the concert.

(Hey, didn't I see Laurie Anderson with you?)