Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Snakebit is Al Gore?

Al Gore is not my favorite poitician. I voted for him in the Democratic primary in 1988 as he was touted by Ed Koch as the conservative pro-Israel hawk. Since then things have changed. I have no idea whether the allegations inthe above-link hold any water but if they do they add fuel to the theory that Al Gore is cursed. In fact, I am bound to think he took the wrong idol out of ancient tomb at some point.

Let's examine this. First, he is groomed from birth to be President by his parents. He joins the army and serves in Vietnam and marries his college sweetheart when his generation's Democrats are dodging the draft and taking up "free love.' Tragically he has a tin ear for politics. There is somehting wooden about him and he can never quite make it at the top tier, either against the 7 dwarves in 1988 or GWB in 2000. Second, He is Vice President and a politician without a hint of scandal and is picked by Bill Clinton as Veep for that reason, but likely loses an election in good times because Bill Clinton was a scandal magnet. Third, he does not lose the popular vote but loses the electoral vote by a couple of hundred in Florida. Fourth, he takes up the cause of Global Warming, I mean Climate Change, and everywhere he appears there is a snow storm. Fifth, as I said he is without scandal for 40 years as a Southern Politician. Then this occurs. He picks a masseuse who either a) has an axe to grind and makes up a story or b) rejects his advances. The story is revived when he is going through a separation from his popular wife in what heretofore was seen as an ideal political marriage.

The guy has wealth, fame, success in Hollywood and the gravitas of a man who leads a fashionable hobby horse of the cultural elite. Yet somehow bad things happen to him that do not happen to actual died-in-the-wool rogues.

I found this link from Drudge but I will add that Powerline makes a good point. If a newspaper had information like this in 2007 about Dick Cheney do you think we'd only be hearing about it now? The Left protects its own.


JWT said...

You can almost hear the amusing exchange on the first page of the transcripted police statement. From the Sexual Assault Detail Advocacy Program is "Slavica [Boo'bik]." Er, that's "[Byoo'bik]."

bevis said...

If he was an actor he'd be Alec Baldwin.

We cannot overlook the near loss of his son who got hit by a car walking out of an Orioles game sometime around 1990. I was working in the Senate at the time and everyone signed a get-well card. Unfortunately the only story circulating about his son is, at a later date, he was smoking pot and speeding in a hybrid.

If Al is a sex kitten he needs serious counseling. He has nothing to prove in this neck of the woods.