Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Higher than the Average Bear

Computer hardware issues and a busy weekend conspired to keep me from posting this important article about Canadian police busting a pot farm evidently guarded by bears. As the article and accompanying photos indicate, though, the guards were fairly laid back about the appearance of (literally) The Man. On the other hand, Laura worried about what would happen if the bears got the munchies during the bust.Favorite snippet: "the bears had made friends with a raccoon and pot bellied pig also found on the property." Four legs good, dude!

Not only does this account for Yogi Bear's voice, it also accounts for the high premium placed on pic-a-nic baskets.


J. said...

Jellystoned Park?

Another very funny post from P4500!

(The Dead Head of the house is out tonight, otherwise I'd have something wittier to say.)

EMM said...

Just added to the Fall TV Season...Animal Farm/Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.