Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Les Rutabagas C'est Arrive!

It's Thanksgiving Eve, which means it's time for Rutabagapalooza! Seven Canadian rutabagas (or, given their origin, rutabag-ehs) are with Laura in the kitchen as I write this. I am relieved to report that they all survived the photo shoot:

Tomorrow we load the rutabagas, pies (plus whipped cream fixins!), appetizers, juiceboxes, footballs and kids into the car for the short jaunt to enjoy Thanksgiving with a great group of friends, including 5/6 of this blog's masthead. Among other treats are EMM's justly famous mashed potatoes and CRH's increasingly-justly-famous creamed onions. JWT will work his usual magic with the gravy and grace us with, well, grace, and staunch traditionalist JJV is riding in the same vehicle as cranberry salad.

We wish our readers a safe and enjoyable holiday in the company of family and/or friends.

1 comment:

EMM said...

Is the action in the photo practice for tomorrow's football game or a dance routine with a rutabaga? The judges would give perfect 10s!