Friday, December 10, 2010

Friendly Neighborhood Prosecutor

This blog, law and the multiverse, proposes and then answers questions about how the law would work in the comic book world. D.C. and Marvel universes have some slight differences. I particularly like the point about outlawry.

As we all know (certainly those who read this blog) Daredevil is a lawyer in "real" life. Twoface is a prosecutor. But really, the law is too time consuming to allow a lot of superhero time. Much better to be a millionaire (oh yea, now Billionaire) playboy a la Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

I mean Trusts and Estates would be totally thrown into confusion with an immortal Like Thor or the Silver Surfer. Suspended animation which happens all the time would also screw up the rule against perpetuties (a life in being plus 21 years). See Rodgers, Steve.

This blog is a great idea and I ask Dave to add it to my list!

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Dave S. said...

So let it be written, so let it be done. /brynner