Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Double, double, Taxes and Trouble

I often joke with JWT and other Maryland conservatives about the never ending taxes and regulations of that state compared with fair Virginia. Similiarly, I remonstrate Mr. Slattery over moving here and voting for all things that make Maryland and D.C. uncongenial to me, when he could simply live there if its so great.

I noted awhile ago that Maryland was cracking down on Tarot, palm reading and divination. It is illegal there (as in many other places as preying upon the gullible and weak minded). However, such laws are, like those against adultery, rarely enforced. Liberals are always warning against "witch hunts" but only liberal Maryland is actually carrying them out.

Until I saw the link above. Romania is now taxing witches to solve its economic problems. This has caused one of the most amusing tax protests I have ever seen. Christine O'Donnell may not be a witch but they have her view of taxes!


Dave S. said...

First of all, I moved to Virginia precisely to annoy JJV with my voting habits; the school system, taxes etc. were a bonus.

Second, I note that one of the witches referred to performing work for politicians. Are incantations 1) political speech and 2) covered under McCain-Feingold? Or do we have to wait until the Supreme Court weighs in on the Covens United case?

Anonymous said...

JJV, in Dave's defense, he didn't move to "Virginia" Virginia, he moved to Arlington. Arlington is for the want to be's: Diversity, including hundreds of US citizens and easy metro access to the latest protest (or Jon Stewart gig). And at the end of the day, the kids go to much better schools and he has a right to defend his family.

Dave P.

Dave S. said...

Dave P., in terms of protest access we had it far better in the District; we could walk to the Mall. "Metro to the Stewart rally," indeed. Everything else is hilariously on-target.