Thursday, April 28, 2011


Virginia being over four hundred years old, I would not be surprised to find that the Old Dominion has a law on the books specifically dealing with shoplifting milk while wearing a cow suit. Probably not the stocks, though, as the hooves wouldn't fit through.

A clever lawyer might attempt to run out the clock by arguing that property is theft unless it's theft of one's own prior property. It would make for a real "J'accuse!" moment of courtroom drama although I am not sure who would get pointed at.

I now find myself in the same sort of confused mind that led the alleged bovine burglar to commit the alleged acts in the first place. Better go check the fridge.


J. said...

This post is full of bull, though you never steer us wrong.

EMM said...

This story would have been SO much better with surveilance video or someone with a camera-phone? Really, in this day and age no You-Tube video? However, the story alone, make me laugh out loud at work.