Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Caterers of Catan

For longer than I care to admit I have been part of an increasingly occasional group of board-gamers. The arrival of wives, children and the other trappings of adult life has reduced both the frequency of game days as well as the amount of time available on game day. Game days devoted to such long-form classics as Civilization (still my absolute favorite game of all time) have therefore become game nights in which the game of choice has often been The Settlers of Catan.

Settlers is very popular worldwide and has spawned various interesting signs of devotion, such as these sent to me by increasingly frequent contributor NC:

The Peeps of Catan;
The Pizza of Catan;
The Cupcakes of Catan;
and even
The Gingerbread of Catan

Bon Appetit, but watch out for the Robber.

Update: Kara in comments points us to Catan at McDonald's. I also corrected Bandit to Robber, and surrendered half my resources, rounded down, as punishment.


Kara said...

You missed McDonald's Catan.

Kara said...

Dave S. said...

Kara: noted.

NC said...

Simply awesome, Kara!