Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thoughts That Never Occurred To Me-A Room With a View.

This was linked to by John Podhoretz as "The most embarrasing article ever about anyone." I had another thought however. I never, in fifteen years of living single thought for one moment-"would a women approve of this place?" In fact, women often rented out space in some of my houses/apartments but I'm pretty sure the view was not a selling point. I think the near complete abscence of furniture was the selling point as they had plenty of room. Looking back I can recall many friends, some female, saying under no circumstances can you bring a woman here. Invariably I simply moved in with a guy friend until he got married or otherwise comitted and then stayed in suto until the lease was up. If I found the place on my own their was but one consideration-price and proximity to the Hill.

This is yet more evidence of the disfunction of the modern male. I will say this the book and movie "A Room With a View" might have hinted at this but to spend 10 million dollars on real estate for this reason shows an insecurity so great as to be pathological.


Smoove said...

These guys match all criteria for NYC Congressional delegation.

These cribs are Smoove approved.


Dave S. said...

You know, don't you, that you're not on Twitter here, so you don't have to save characters by writing "Hill" instead of "Tune Inn."

I will now spend the next moments on a combination trip down Memory Lane/set of flashbacks.

EMM said...

I'd place money on the fact that none of the a**holes featured in the article were embarrassed. Reading that article made me feel oogy.

I too had flashbacks to the JJV bachelor pads. The attempt at red, white & blue cocktails at a 4th of July party is one of my favorites.