Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Big Man

I was strangely affected by the death of Clarence Clemons this week. I'm not a big music guy but had seen the E-Street band twice long ago in the 80's. I have always felt that Springsteen gave more than a fan's money's worth and Clemons was a big part of that. This link to so many of solo's brings back a lot of memories. My sister loved Springsteen in the 70's but I did not come to appreciate them until college.

Its not on here but I remember Dancing in the Dark's sax as well. It was played an awful lot in college and I liked the song. I would not have guessed he was 69. Just as the Beatles could never be properly reconstituted after Lennon was shot, the E Street Band will not be the same ever again.

As the song says-"I know if there's a rock n roll heaven they've got a hell of a band."

It just got better.


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