Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's No "H" in "Sanctimonious"

Chew on this:

Fueled by plenty of ignorance, 4H-ers are purportedly training to carry forward the perennial agrarian bloodbath. At least, that seems to be half the conversation going on in the comments of today's CNN "Eatocracy" blog.

The Masons, the Skull & Bones, and the Boy Scouts had their day in the conspiratorial spotlight; you have to have some seriously deep-seated problems to carry the fight to the kids of 4H. I've known plenty of 4H folk over the years, including friend of the masthead MAK. I assure you that they're an organization of animal husbandry nerds whose goal is to raise animals in a responsible and respectful way, to demonstrate their skill at the State Fair, and to carry that professionalism into the future mission of feeding the world.

Sure, they have the skills, tools, and facilities to string you up and bleed you, but they really want to convince you another way.

Bon appetit.


Dave S. said...

Nothing desensitizes one to the food chain like the drive-thru window at McDonald's.

I always suspected that MAK had such skills. It's the above-average-polite ones you always have to watch most carefully.

smrty.mrty said...

A friend gave his son a cow to raise. The son named it Hamburger. I'm not worried about the desensitization.