Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mila Kunis Outdoes Me

Now, I have said a lot of things about Communism but have never equated it with casual sex. I have noted that Commies usually for destroying traditional morality but never equated the two as is done here. Now Russia and China have suffered under Communism. Where is the Winston Churchill who will give the speach on this one?

"From Trieste in the Adriatic to Stettin in the Baltic, to San Francisco on the Pacific-a lacey kind of curtain has descended across the West. Las Vegas, Boston, New York, London, Prague, Sophia-all the ancient capitals have fallen under the philosophy of Hugh Hefner. Utah alone, under Mormon supervision, has held out against it. etc..."

From going to the ball with Sergeant Scott Moore to this she is quickly becoming a non-Hollywood starlet startlet.


Dave S. said...

Re your post title: Without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

She'll never work in that town again!

Dave P.

jjv said...

Dave you must be referring to my repeated refusals to be paid millions of dollars to do naked sex scenes with Natalie Portman.