Sunday, July 31, 2011

We'll Look at the Latest in Gold-Plated Firing Pins

Earlier today my good friend Mike Sauter reminded me that we caught the Beat Farmers on their "Pursuit of Happiness" tour 25 years ago in Rome, New York, on this very day. It remains the single greatest bar band show I have ever seen. By chance Mike got hold of the soundboard recording of the show and I hope that he can one day replace the crumbling cassette copy I have with a more durable version, not least because I can be heard clearly on it at one point requesting "California Kid":

They did it without the backup singers but there was an interval in which Country Dick Montana (RIP) was transported via piggyback ride from table to table.

They also did a tremendous cover of Johhny Cash's "Big River" with Mr. Montana on lead guitar:

And of course, they performed their signature tune "Happy Boy," the very first Beat Famers song I ever heard, complete with Bud Gargle:

I don't think they did this song but holy cow it's a great one with a Cash-like rhythm:

This post is dedicated to my erstwhile partner in musical crime JWE, who I would like to assure that things once more will go his way, hey hey, hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba.

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JWE said...

Awesome. I appreciate the assurance via this fine post celebrating the glorious beer gurgling Beat Farmers.