Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Release the Hounds

I am on long record that a man who owns a bar should be allowed to let anyone in he wants, whether smokers, transvestites, or Democrats. Now in N.Y. City they are cracking down on bars that allow dogs to sit at their owners feet. As this article points out this has been going on in NY for 200 years. Now the authorities, run of course by Nurse Bloomberg, are cracking down. In a city of 8 million there are virtually no health problems ascribed to dogs in bars. The nanny has simply ordered it and now it must happen. People go to bars to relax.

You will note that dogs that care for people (and other such animals) are allowed in? Do they carry diseases non-care dogs don't? That gives you some idea of the rationality of this ordinance and its enforcement.

In the last ten years N.Y. has become a place where food that the government does not like (trans fats) but which may taste good; smoking areas, and dogs have become outlawed. N.Y. which glories in its cosmpolitan nature is becoming more provincial than Utah.

New York used to be somewhat unruly. The liberalism with which it was associated was tolerant or anarchic. Now the liberalism with which it is associated is hectoring, meddling and censorious. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

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LAM said...

Bring back the crime too!