Monday, October 17, 2011

Blasphemy-Muslims Doubt Allah's Plan

Now this organization is hilarious in a lot of ways. But one thing struck me-if Allah allows men four wives musn't he believe each one satisfies 1/4th of a husbands desires? Obviously if muslim wives are only covering 10%, husbands should be allowed ten of them. Has Allah erred? Don't let the Ayatollahs find out about this.

Of course, traditionally Muslims were also allowed non-Muslim concubines taken in war so maybe they were to take up the slack. As a third alternative it could be that they are saying that modern Muslim women are falling down (standing up?) on the job.

Of course, some might argue if you start of with female circumcision your odds on getting up to even 25% is pretty slim.

I will say this. I salute the courage if nothing else of the first man to start the "Obedient Wives Clubs of America." Funeral arrangements ought to be made before incorporation.

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