Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dante's Al-LEGO-ry, or Lust Be A LEGO Tonight

Laura brought this latest abuse of spare time to my attention: the Nine Circles of Hell in LEGO. I suppose the incessant clicking and unclicking acccompanying the torments of the damned would get to you eventually.


J. said...

So which Circle of Hell is creating Nine Circles of LEGO Hell on?

Also, anyone else think the Circles of Hell would make for an excellent Peep Diorama? The Nine Circles of Peeps, anyone?

(Re the labels, I was under the impression that Hell was for parents like Tanning Mom.)

Dave S. said...

Good questions, J. "Misuse of spare time" is not listed as a Deadly Sin in the canonical texts, but I'll bet it's in the Apocrypha somewhere.

Without having the time to look, I think that someone actually did a Peeps diorama of Dante's Inferno.

And finally, re the label, I have to take my Pat Benatar shout-outs where I can find them.