Friday, May 18, 2012

Face It Backwards and You've Got Jet Propulsion

A friend of mine growing up had a vast paper route requiring the rigging of huge wire baskets all over his bike. The combination of its color and the engineering involved quickly led to its becoming known as the Orange Wonder, and I am proud to say that, while filling in for him one day, I flipped myself over its handlebars when gravity finally said "Enough" and the three-quarters-laden bike agreed.

As a fellow railfan (he actually got me hooked) this would have been the logical accessory:

Train Nerd notes that the proper sequence in the US when approaching a grade crossing/intersection would be long, long, short, long. You're welcome. And please don't race the train to the crossing: ties go to the train.*

This one's for you, CPL.

*Ties go under the train too, hurr hurr.

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