Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Zealand: Feminists Are Unhappier Than Other People There, Too.

Even in Hobbit land, and idyllic progressive New Zealand those who believe that sex differences are not a figment of the imagination are happier. A new academic paper explains, in the smooth, stylish writing that makes academia what it is, why people who believe men and women are different are happier than those who believe sex differences are created by the power structure. New Zealand sexists Basically the authors argue that ascribing a sex differences to nature makes people, particularly women, more in line with the social structure, particulalry if the world view is that women are to be taken care of by men rather than hostile to them. The author devides this world into benevolent sexism ("BS") and Hostile Sexism ("HS"). Benevolent Sexism under apparently a lot of research is linked to greater life satisfaction in men and women but particularly women. The authors here were positing why but, unbeknownst to me, it is apparently accepted as a fact in the gender studies arena. Obviously I have a different explanation of this phenomenon but it is amazing to see confirmation of my world view from such a source.


Nick C said...

So, the gender holding power within the system is happier with their own "benevolent" sexism (note: shift in quotations) than the gender subservient. This "breakthrough" inspires me to write on the happiness of "benevolent" dictators and historical happiness of "benevolent" slave owners. /breaks out the Ouija board to interview Fidel.

"Benevolently" pats JJV on the bum and asks him to bring me a cup of coffee hon'. Because you're pretty and make such a good cup! /rolleyes

Dave S. said...

I would like to offer condescending paternailstic* praise to JJV for finally more or less figuring out how to embed a link in text. I am so proud; our little blogger is all grown up.

On second thought I'll bet his wife did it for him.

Dave S. said...

*in my capacity as father of the blog

Nick C said...

So, you're the Blogfather now? I like it!

However, if it progresses to kissing your ring, I'm outta here. :-P Much too long a wait til Fiona's wedding day to ask for unrefusable favors.