Thursday, August 16, 2012

Slippery Jim DeGriz Can't Beat the Reaper

Harry Harrison died.  Neil Gaiman says good bye here;  I used to take out anthologies and "The Best Science Fiction of 1964" or whatever year out of the library.  I went into the City to see Asimov one night in the 70's.  Ray Bradbury who just passed was another.  But one of those I picked up when I was in my 20'swas Harry Harrison and his great character Slippery Jim DeGriz.  Thief and agent of the Government he made a regimented over technologized future bearable by acts of rebellion.  Harrison was an Esperanto afficinado which I always felt was something the folks who make regimented societies would like more than rebels but art and the man need not match. 

Most of the men who wrote the old science fiction of the 50's and 60's  (and even the Lady of Pern) are gone now.  What new science fiction to people like?  CRH recommended The Lost Fleet which I liked a lot.  Who else is out there? 

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