Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What Will They Drive At Hamilton Now?

When Dave and I were at Hamilton College so long ago that it exceed the time between the Eisenhower and Reagan administrations, the car of choice of the well-heeled preppies who dominated that place was the SAAB turbo.  Convertible preferable.  How a vehicle and a car manufacturer so beloved by rich kids could ever go under is beyond my powers to understand.  I can still see the pretty, preppy,  pony-tailed coeds happily putting the top down (the SAAB's!)  the week before graduation when the weather was finally nice enough to do so.

Jay Leno laments the end of the SAAB here:

Leno on cars is to be taken seriously but I did not know there was a car in the 60's that you had to mix the oil for like a lawn mower. 

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