Sunday, October 14, 2012

Do A Little Dance, Eat A Little Corn, Get Down Tonight!

So...while watching 25 games or so this year at Nationals Park, I saw some weird stuff.  Here are some highlights:

One game there was a heavyset gentleman with a Santa beard.  "Santa" would get up in between innings and  walk in place, really fast, pumping his arms.  For about 45 seconds he'd walk and then sit down.  My friend M and I noticed after awhile that our Usher would do the same.  On a trip to the loo we asked her "why?", and she said something like "so he won't look silly alone".

Late in the season, in the 7th inning, a woman a few rows in front of me was shucking an ear of corn.  Yes, corn.  CRH and frequent commenter DP were on either side of me and we actually had a conversation about whether the corn was cooked, etc.  The reason we had to ask whether the corn was cooked, was BECAUSE SHE ATE IT.  Yup, at the park noshing on a corn cob.

For the NLDS, my assigned seats were in 416, not my regular 409.  We were seated next to a woman who was decked out in Nationals gear, listening to the games on the radio...nothing strange here, right?  WRONG!  She also had a teddy bear that she talked to, and in game 4 the bear talked (in his own voice) back.  In game 3 she was seen "burping" the bear.  Game 5 was a nightmare, starting with the Cards 1st run all she did was comment/spew negativity.  By the 9th inning, she was crouched over, clutching the bear, whining.  We all talk to no one in particular at games and shout out cheers/jeers...but this was different.  The only saving grace of not attending the NLCS or the WS is not having to sit next to the "bear lady".  Creepy (and I like old people)!

At most of the 25 games I went to, there was a guy seated in the field seats on the right field side, sometimes dressed in costumes.  He'd do dances to Katy Perry's Firework when Ryan Mattheus was called into relief.  I liked his sparkly gloves as they made it easier to spot his "jazz hands".

One game, in 409 there was a gentleman who brought his Mr. Microphone.  He'd stand up and announce the relief pitchers & sometimes the score.  People clapped politely, but there was something a little off about the dude.

The Presidents Race.  I love the home-made school project of it all!  This year Teddy came out dressed as Bain and Abe had a cardboard Batman mask & a cape.  The scoreboard flashed old school cartoon "bam" and "pow".  The Presidents dancing to Gangnam Style in their Hawaiian jerseys was hilarious.

Looking forward to 2013, ordered my Season Tickets in August.  The last few weeks of games were not only fun to be at but to watch as well.  Nationals Fans can make noise, can out-shout the Phillies, can shake a mean rally towel!  There will be more of the same in 2013!

I'll miss the row of "old dudes" in front of me, the family of 5 in front of them (Dad must be happy to not carry any more dippin' dots!) and the quiet ladies who sit in the section to the left of mine. See y'all in April.

In 2013 we won't have to take back the park...WE OWN IT!

Go Nats!!!


Dave S. said...

These are two great posts, EMM. Welcome back!

Re Dippin' Dots, when the rainbow variety melts it turns into a liquid resembling tobacco juice. You're welcome.

JCC said...

I have a 21 game plan in the fourth row of Section 311. I think the first rows of the infield gallery sections are the best bargain in the ballpark :)

jjv said...

I was unable to watch most games. This great post has updated me. Good work EMM.