Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Married Vote Was Pro-Romney

And here we see why Romney won the married vote:


God bless her!


Dave S. said...

There's nothing like an enthusiastic endorsement of violence in response to electoral disappointment to strengthen the Republic. I'd expect that from one of these guys but your approval caught me a bit off guard.

Also, this specific example indicates that Romney only captured 50% of the married vote. In many countries (granted, European ones mostly) that results in a tie. Karl Rove really needs to get out of the math textbook business.

JCC said...

Dave, look at the bright side. At least JJV hasn't turned traitor, like the secessionists in Texas and other disgruntled "red" states. I thought the landmark case of Davis v. Lincoln settled that business once and for all. Although it would make a great deal of fiscal sense to let them go - between taking their share of the national debt with them and the fact that virtually all of the red states are "takers" (picking up more Federal dollars than they pay in taxes and fees) it would put patriotic America on a very sound fiscal footing - I'm still a believer in "E Pluribus Unum."

Although once you think about it, "out of many, one" sounds kinda socialist. Makes one suspicious of the Founders, it does!

jjv said...

Sorry Dave, Romney got well over 50% of the married vote. My thought was that hormones might have had something to do with it but I'm sure that is somehow objectionable to.

jjv said...

Of course the secessionist movement is a Democratic thing. so was moving abroad when bush got elected (and reelected). Here's a post on the stupidity of it.


But I don't think any liberals would fight and die to keep Texas in the Union. Copperheads all.

Dave S. said...

...this specific example indicates that Romney only captured 50% of the married vote...

Honestly, JJV, do you ever read anything with the goal of comprehending it? And ah, yes, the delightful "Democrats were segregationists/secessionists once so obviously shut up that's why" which, as always, has particular resonance coming from the Party of Lincoln.