Friday, December 14, 2012

Mae Govannen

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you a newscast of great import! Sadly, I had not seen this gem when it posted last month. But we are fortunate to be seeing it today, on Hobbit's Eve. What fortuitous timing!

As if the movie shoots, production studios, and cinema-tourism weren't proof enough, New Zealand media removes all shadow of doubt that the country is now, truly, Middle-earth.

Yup, I'm in the mood to head to the movies tonight!

/bow, "we're not worthy, we're not worthy! /bow.


JCC said...

I will be at the AMC Hoffman, seeing The Hobbit in 3D!

And contrary to the popular rumor, we will not be TAKING THE HOBBIT TO ISENGARD! ;)

Beastybunny said...

My son and I will be seeing Hobbit this evening in SF.

Saw the Extended Trilogy last weekend, including an extended extended RotK (there were scenes not in the extended DVD) It was good fun and a great warm up for tonight.

Though all this is overshadowed by the tremendous tragedy in Connecticut. Our thoughts are with all the families involved.

jjv said...

I'm not going until the restore a 24 frame rate as God intended.

I did think "In Mordor today it will be cloudy with a chance of ash."

Nick C said...

Never fear, jjv. You have to specifically seek out the 48 FPS High Frames Rate (HFR) theaters, which is only about 450 screens in the entire country. All other showings are standard 24 FPS.