Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is what we are dealing with

One of my original co-bloggers JJV left the following as a comment to my latest post. It deserves a wider audience but I ask that you respect JJV's desire to be known only by his initials rather than his real name, which is known to most of the likely readership. Based on what was written I'd want to post it anonymously too, although frankly it's not much more than a cut-and-paste of anything you'd find on the right side of the blogosphere.

Here we go:

Legislate in Haste, repent at leisure. Except for Fort Hood every major massacre in this country happened in a gun free zone. This woman had permits and registered her weapons. What are we going to do when a soldiers son does this or a cops? These were stolen from their rightful owner. Sweden is one of the most regulated places on earth and look what happened there. Other than Chicago and New York City-Connecticut is a gun grabbers paradise.

Semi automatic weapons are always going to be with us. Machine guns have been effectivly banned since 1934. Those who have them are registered and monitored by the federal government. One bullet, one trigger pull. Only the size of the magazine makes a difference because a lot of these guys were stopped when they had to reload. Everything else is just feel good stuff for liberals who don't like other people having rights they don't use or appreciate.

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Anonymous said...

I don't buy all the liberal knee-jerk reactions on gun control but are you saying the only way to limit gun violence is more guns? Or that there is simply no way to limit gun violence? Getting kind of old, don't you think?

How far do you want to take that logic? Do you really think Sweden is a more dangerous place to live? Sweden?

But gun enthusiasts have the fire power (money) in Congress so we'll just wait until the next massacre.

Some people are sportsmen and hunters. But let's face it. Others are simply people whose moms and dads didn't give them the love they needed. To that extent, you are right. We cannot legislate away people's inner anger or that their sense of self-worth derives from blasting away at "targets" aka their bosses, rivals, spouses, etc., and blowing away other living things.