Thursday, April 25, 2013

Maggie Had A Life Worth A Song

I saw Dave's post to the awful Elvis Costello.  He has never done a brave thing in his life.  He was a coward when he wrote that song and is a coward now.  Here is his current cowardice and descent in to moral relativism for the Leftist cause dejure.

Unlike the Baroness.  She was part of the triumvirate of great leaders of the West that brought the Soviets down when we were young.  She has been fading a while now, as did Reagan and, in the public eye, John Paul the Great.  I was far away from home when she died and was buried and felt very old.  There is not a woman (or a Briton) of her generation who can match her in accomplishment or historical impact.  That she was a conservative sticks in the craw of all the genderists of the Left.  It is good that it is so.

For years we heard about how bad the Caudillos of Argentina were but when her decision to keep the Falklands free put paid to them for good the Left just hated her more.  Its simply unbelievable.

For years the Left bemoaned Britain's class structure but when she put middle class people in high places and revivified the British middle class she was hated for it.

Peggy Noonan's article was right.  She never lost an election and was forced out in a putsch by the quaking grey men of the conservative party.  Nobody supported her but the people. 


Dave S. said...

That was a long time coming, JJV!


1) EC switching to "Radio Radio" on SNL was pretty brave, as it got him boycotted by NBC for 12 years. (Bonus question: determine if I am serious in advancing this counterexample.)

2) What is a "genderist"?

3) I would suggest that one Mikhail S. Gorbechev (and his immediate predecessors for that matter) did more than anyone to bring down the USSR, but I think you would agree that I have no training or background to justify making such an assertion.

Anonymous said...

One of the Maggie's greatest accomplishments was to delay the UK's eventual spiral into current day Greece by 20 years. The Brits who actually remember her should be greatfull for the reprieve she gave them. Now on to ruins!

Dave P.

jjv said...

Well, that's kind of like "crediting" Nicholas with the end of Czarism but ok.