Wednesday, June 05, 2013

An Institution, Up in Smoke

I was perusing my Twitter feed this lovely evening from the comfort of our porch, when a flurry of posts appeared reporting a massive fire at Frager's Hardware on Capitol Hill. It was definitely an "oh, shit" moment as I thought back to 20+ years of visits to the store, dating back to before they widened the aisles. Yes, they used to be narrower.

Laura summed it up really well:
It felt like each visit to that store represented a milestone of some sort - a new rented house to spruce up, our first home of our own, bizarre Halloween costumes, child proofing supplies...sad!
 The owner is vowing to rebuild and I know the Hill community, not to mention its expats, will rally around that.


jjv said...

Even I have done home improvement from Fragers. Oh sure the blood flowed but the pictures went up.

I do note the firefighters did not get there as fast as the Tune Inn.

J. said...

I laughed out loud at jjv's Tune Inn comment. Does that make me a bad person?

Very sorry to hear about Frager's. Just yesterday I went with my daughter to our newly resurrected hardware store (the previous one, which had been here for more years than anyone can remember, had shuttered after the owner unexpectedly died) and told her of all the fond memories her father and I had of the various hardware stores we had frequented over the years. (When we first moved to Evanston, IL, we frequented the old-fashioned hardware store down the block from us practically daily.)

There is just something about the smell of a hardware store and all the mysterious shiny objects that just makes me feel better. I hope Frager's is able to re-open. What a loss.

Anonymous said...

A very sad event. It's going to be hard to get along without them. I hope they rebuild, but it won't be the same, and I can't imagine it will happen quickly.

I wish I'd bought one of their t-shirts.