Saturday, June 15, 2013

Because there are too many hours in the day

If you're like me (don't worry, nobody is saying you are), you face constant frustration because there aren't enough ways to waste time on the Internet. I've recently found two sites that make a game of Google Street View. Both show a scene, and ask you to guess where the picture was taken.

GeoGuessr runs for 5 rounds, shows Street Views from all over the world, but doesn't give you any options for changing the game. You guess by clicking on a map. It seems to have a limited number of pictures, and a definite bias for certain areas.

The second, Locatestreet, allows you to choose particular countries, or areas within countries. You have a multiple choice for area (state, for instance), and then click on a map for a more exact guess. I have yet to see a repeat picture.

I've learned several things from this game. Flat, dry landscapes tend to look very similar to each other. Slightly run-down suburbs also are difficult. Is there a car up on blocks? If it's hilly country, guess Appalachia; if it's flat, go with Mississippi/Alabama/Louisiana (sometimes it turns out to be western NY, though).

On a different subject, if you like well-written, near-future science fiction TV (at this point, I assume I've lost everyone who reads this blog) you should have watched Orphan Black, on BBC America. Thoughtful, did not brutalize the science, and very well-acted. The season (10 episodes) is over now, but I assume they'll repeat it.

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