Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Law and Order: Culinary Victims Unit

My contact in the world of Eastern Orthodoxy sent JJV and myself this tale of a Ukrainian man lethally avenging a slight to the honor of his borshch.* Tough time to get a lesson in the difference between a figurative and literal stab to the stomach.

Although I am not a lawyer, nor have I played one on TV, voir dire would be especially tricky on this. The jury pool would identify with the deadly insult perpetrated, but their borscht is obviously better than anyone else's (including the rest of the jury pool) so the toilet's too good for the accused's version. To partially quote JJV's response to this, "Peh."

Obviously Borschtfest** guests would never attempt this. No train tour for you!

*There are almost as many ways to transliterate it as there are to prepare it.

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