Friday, September 27, 2013

This is What Happens When You Marginalize Fraternities.

In the halcyon days of yore three members of this masthead attended a bucolic upstate school with an active social life driven by fraternities and sniped at by the usual suspects. Now after years of student life symposium, adjustments the removal of the fraternities from their houses an accomodation to every sexual perversity known to man it has come to this. A small, prestigious liberal arts school in New York is set to host and fund a workshop on orgasms for undergrads on Monday. I expect the Womyn's center they will have to grade on a curve. And yes...I enjoyed posting this story far too much.


Dave S. said...

This is so poorly written as to defy proper criticism. Please re-write and re-submit, then I'll give it the shredding it deserves.

Honestly, between you and Jacobsen I truly am embarrassed for our alma mater.

jjv said...


I am somewhat busy and unable to hone my prose. Your peevishness however bespeaks a deep frustration with the lack of resources like this when we were in school. The closest we have is "like a scimitar." I'll leave it at that.