Monday, October 07, 2013

Harry Jaffa and the Defense of the Lincoln Presidency

Harry Jaffa--dean of the West-Coast Straussians is now 95. I find myself in the most agreement with him of all living philosophers or political scientists. As WFB said he is a difficult man but The Natural Law has no greater expounder in our day. It is some what amazing how many men have continued to have an impact well into their nineties in our time. I've mentioned a bunch of them on this blog. Bernard Lewis, Ray Bradbury, Ray Harry Hausen, The Author of From Dawn to Decadence (name escapes me); and Stan Lee. Ninety is very old but the defenders of the permanent things need not fear obsolescence. UPDATE--Jaques Barzun!! Former Columbia professor wrote from Dawn to Decadence. Had brain freeze.

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