Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Good Day For Dictators

It has been a long time since America suffered such terrible defeats as it has today.  Both defeats came at the hands of organizations controlled by the Left that likely don't see them as defeats.  First, Barack Augustus Obama attempts to normalize relations with the Castro dictatorship.  The fracking revolution which he opposed is destroying the power of Venezuela to prop up Castro.  The fall of the Soviet Union had that regime seek other benefactors and he found it in Chavezism.  Now with Venezuela going the way of all socialists the regime desperately needs infusions of cash and Emperor Obama has given it to him. 

On the Isle of the Pines Castro's political enemies are left in privation and gloom.  The old dictator-a celebrity in Hollywood and other Left precincts--has lived long enough to see "El Norte" bow to him.  Barack Obama--who opposed every effective action against Communism in his youth and is basted in the fashionable anti-anti-Communism of his class and kind has waited until after an election, so there is no accountability--to give Castro the win--and to deepen the suffering and despair of the innocents on the Isle of the Pines.  We have heard from the Soviet Union, and the Eastern Europeans and even the Chinese of how those in the prisons of the Reds gain heart even in the deepest dungeon from the slightest word against their captors by the President of the United States.  They lose heart at capitulations.  The Castro brothers--murderers and enemies of any decency in this world rejoice, and the Lady's in White weep.  

He could not wait until Castro died?  What was the rush?  Did the enemy of America need a win that badly?  I was inducted into the Cuban American Society of Georgetown long ago.  To all my friends from that Island I am sorry for this capitulation--in which the U.S. got nothing and the Dictator-everything and say, as was said in Marti's time  "Viva La Cuba Libre!"

Who knows, maybe the President who disdains bourgeoisie Constitutions, opposed all of America's actions in the Cold War, and tried to deliver substandard health care for all by confiscatory tactics really sees Castro as a role model?

Secondly, the Mad Communist King of North Korea has just had a movie pulled from American theatres by threats and hacks.  Sony has completely capitulated to the rantings and a mad man.  But at least here there is a glimmer of hope.  All of the usual suspects of Hollywood are outraged at Sony and the craven theatres. 

When Rob Lowe sounds like me the Times They Are A'Changin.  Not only him but Seth Rogen, Jud Aptow and even the atheist little homonculous Patten Oswald are all on the same page.

The portly little Communist Monster in North Korea now has Newt Gingrich, Michael Moore and Bill Maher on the same page.  Perhaps, like Yamamoto predicted of another sneak attack against the U.S., he has awakened a sleeping Giant.  I hope so, but I fear not. 

UPDATE:  They usually say only Nixon could go to China.  But Barack Obama giving Castro normalized relations for nothing is pretty much Nixon going to San Clemente.

UPDATE:  God Bless the Washington Post!  This is something I do not write a lot but I see they have come out with an editorial that matches this blog post and also note the Vietnam example which I had forgotten to do.  At least Vietnam is a strategic ally against China's expansionism so there is some realpolitik cred to that low dishonest deal.


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