Thursday, March 12, 2015

First They Came for The Booth Babes, and I Said Nothing As I Was Not A Booth Babe..

Booth Baby Booth Baby Down at the Con I have been to few conventions, either gamers or otherwise. Nonetheless, as any review of Super Bowl ads can attest pretty girls move product more than your basic Soviet "svimvear" spokesmodel. (for those of you too young to remember here is the classic Wendy's commercial on the subject. Now of course as the recent "Gamergate" contretempts have reminded us the New Left will let women be anything they want to be except alluring. That is right out. This effort to make gaming conventions feminist friendly is like making Arby's vegetarian friendly. It is not driven by demand but by ideology. I have a feeling that America is still free enough that this effort will not go far. If there are two conventions--on with booth babes--and one with out the one with is going to draw people and the one with out will draw people who don't play a lot of games. Because games are fun and these complainers are not. I met Issac Asimov when I was a teenager. I can assure you that science fiction conventions with booth babes were more likely to have him attend than not. More science fiction writers (particularly good ones) are like him than Margaret Atwood. Therefore, while I enjoyed the article I do not truly fear the attempt, as it will find fallow ground. Update: as per usual none of my links took. Here they are again

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JCC said...

You do realize, JJV, that the "GamerGate" contretemps is based on the hideously ugly behavior of the gamer community - which I am assuming that you would agree is utterly reprehensible and unjustifiable.

Unless you're in the "those chicks had it coming" camp. Which (to be fair) I doubt.