Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We're Soldiers and We're O.K!

Often on this site I'm accused of over reaction, exaggeration or slippery slope arguments that are in no way possible. Until they occur at which point the line is, "Well, of course, this is wonderful or no big deal, serves you right." Well, I was against VMI and the Citadel being forced to accept female cadets, against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and against women in combat, and generally against the multi-culti infection of our colleges being imported into the armed forces. In fact, I was just chastized for giving an "amen" to those in gaming who opposed the PC'ing of computer games.

 Nonetheless, in my wildedst, most apocalyptic dreams I never contemplated that this could occur or be a thing. I would think allowing female ROTC cadets to carry weapons would do more to fight rape than this nonsense but I'm flabbergasted the army did not revolt. Monty Python did not even have a "soldier" verse in the lumberjack song.

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Dave S. said...

In which case you can rest easy, because that's not what happened.

As for Monty Python, enjoy.